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SIP Trunk in Nigeria for Business.

SIP Trunk with DID in Nigeria

Save cost with reliable SIP trunking for business in Nigeria. With VoIP technology, businesses can make huge cost savings on voice and video calls to mobile and fixed line users through the use of SIP trunks in Nigeria.

We can provide your business with SIP trunk service anywhere in Nigeria.
Whether your business is a Call Center with high voice traffic with requirement for concorrrent calls for agents or you just need a SIP trunk to enable your business save cost using VOIP service, our SIP trunk service in Nigeria would enable make the best from your unified communication system.

As many organisations already have local Area Network (LAN), SIP trunks enable business telephone systems or PBX to operate on the LAN and users can make outbound calls, receive inbound calls through internet connection in the office instead of a traditional phone line.

SIP trunking can reduce communication cost by up to 50% while also maximising return on investment on ICT infrastructure.

How SIP Trunk Works

  • PBX is connected to internet and can make external telephone calls via SIP Trunk VOIP service
  • Users can communicate to fixed-line and mobile telephone service subscribers anywhere around the work through network of VOIP and PSTN networks via internet
  • PBX is connected to internet and can make external telephone calls via VOIP service

Requirements for Getting SIP Trunk for Business in Nigeria

  • Good & Reliable Internet Connection
  • IP PBX Telephone System that supports SIP trunk
  • All our IP PBX support SIP trunking. We can also provide you with cost effective and reliable internet service.

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