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Hosted PBX


Hosted IP PBX & cloud voice solutions enable businesses to save cost by not having to invest in the ownership, deployment and support of their own PBX or voice infrastructure.
virtual PBX and cloud based IP voice solutions could be of great benefit to organisations looking from the point of cost, efficiency and functionality.
With our hosted IP PBX and voice service in Nigeria, all your IP phones will be connected to the VOIP service provider network who takes care of all the technical functionality, hosting and support of the infrastructure.
You can now focus on your core business objectives while relying on the technical expertise of the VOIP service provider.
Whether your business is looking for internal communication within the office using IP phones or softphone application, call center, SIP trunk for local or long distance international calls, this is where we come in to ensure you have a robust, reliable and uninterrupted VOIP service.

hosted IP PBX and unified communication providers in Nigeria

We are Hosted PBX service provider in Nigeria. Our Hosted PBX solutions offer range of benefits to business and organisations

  • Seamless remote working solution
  • Eliminates need for investment in hardware
  • Flexible and low call rate using VOIP
  • Call support on IP phone, softphone, mobile phone
  • Great mobility as the phone and extension can be located anywhere in the world
  • Support for voice and video Conferencing anywhere around the world
  • Low cost of maintenance and support

Hosted PBX/VOIP Service Requirement

No two businesses are the same and neither are the IP network that VOIP rely on. Even the best hosted phone systems require a proper network connection to bring the high quality service you expect.

Internet connection bandwidth which comprises of upload and download speed of your network has major role to play in the quality of service that you get from any hosted PBX or SIP trunking service and as such, the first step we take is to carefully evaluate your broadband service and advise accordingly especially considering the number of concurrent calls you may need be it internal intercom calls or external local and international calls.

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